How do I get NHS Jobs with no experience?

06 NHS Jobs Without Experience and No Degree

01. Health Care Assistant

If you are thinking over and over about How do I get a job in the NHS with no experience. Then you can start your career in healthcare industry as an assistant. To start your job as an assistant , you don’t need any degree and experience. You can start your NHS jobs with no experience if you have dedication to serve the humanity in all situations. It is interesting fact that a healthcare assistant can earn more than nursing apprenticeships.
Average salary: £19,000

02. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician is another way to join healthcare system of UK with no medical degree.You need to learn how to manage the pharmacy store just like another departmental store. In this job, you will have to manage the pharmacy store of the hospital.
Average salary: £18,000

03. Dental Support Worker

Support workers are the best way to join the healthcare department in UK if you don’t have any degree. You can start your job in the National Health Services department of UK Govt. without any skill. In this job you just have to help the dentist doctor and the nurses. In other words, this is a helper job in NHS careers.

Average salary: £16,000

04. Pharmacy Attendant

Pharmacy attendant is same to the helper of the grocery store. In this job description, you have to assist the pharmacist. Additionally, you need to learn how to serve the customers and patients at the pharmacy store. To get this job, you must have good communication skills.

Average salary: £14,500

05.Care Worker

NHS jobs are not for only professional nurses or doctors. If you are a caring person, then you can also join NHS as a care worker. In this job, you have to take care of patients in hospitals as well as in their homes also.

Average salary: £14,000

06.Ward Assistant

NHS Ward assistant job is the most easy to join job in healthcare department of London UK. To get this job, no need any experience or any degree. You can simply join NHS as ward assistant, if you are hard working and charming person. You can find here your favorite NHS JOBS VACANCIES

Average salary: £11,000

At the end of this guide, let me tell you that


You just need to be focused and enthusiastic to serve the patients and humanity.

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